How to Build a Container Home Review (Warren Thatcher): 11 Features You Should Know!

You can easily find a lot of “how to build a container home” materials online but do you ever thought of building a shipping container home and live in it? This is not just a play house for your kids. I’m talking about the true living house!

The best part is, you can not only build your own container home, you can build container homes for the others and make a living with it!build-a-container-home-book-review 4

You should read the book if you want to:
1.Find an affordable way to build your own container
2.To make sure it is 100% safe
3.Find an experienced person to guide you step by step
4.Want a very substantial residential house to live in not just a play house for your kids!

About the author
The author of this book is Warren Thatcher. Warren is a professional designer and builder who has been in this business for 14 years and have built shipping container for a lot of his projects.


Here are some features of “Build a container home” you should know:

1.It offers step buy step plans for building your container home from the scratch!

2.With 14 years experience in this field, you can rely on the authors completely

3.Unlike the other “how to build a container home” materials, the top priority of “Build a container home” is Safety. You will use the very safe materials to make the steel containers and they have proven to be really safe in their performance. That’s why although I can find a ton of free materials online, I still bought this book last year. Now I’m really happy I my decision is 100% right.

4.The secrets revealed to build your container house with the lowest price!

5.The layout and designing techniques you should know from the experienced expert. You will learn how to choose from different sizes and different formats to meet your demands with low cost.

6.It has 15 3D layout options for you to choose from. So you can make your decision with these options just within short time!

7.How to build a super safe and great skeleton with just simple steps!

8.It introduced the common mistakes people made when building a container house and so many people are still making those mistakes but still didn’t find out!

9.How to build your container the quickest way!

10.Very affordable. It was sold at $297 and now for a limited time you can get it just at $47!

11.It comes with 60 days money back guarantee! If you are not satisfied you will get your full money back within 60 days!

If you want to start small and try to build a smaller thing with much less cost, you can read “how to build a shed”.


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